Steps for enrolment

1. Decide

Read the Season Program Brochure, Fees & Discounts and decide which orchestra or ensembles is best for you.

2. Apply

apply your information.
Term 3:  3rd August -- 28th September (8+1 rehearsals)
                Concert 29th September
                "Click Here apply your information"
Term 4: 19th October --  14th December (8+1 rehearsals)
                Concert: 15th December
                "Click Here apply your information"

3. Enrol

when you received the confirmation from our operating team, you can select a payment method and finish the enrolment. 

4. Prepare

Once you complete your enrolment, you can start to practice the music you received and prepare all the stuff you need for the rehearsal. Check what you need to prepare.

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